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Capoeira Groups Sites

Bantus Capoeira (Professor Gringo - Perth, Australia) -
Grupo Porto da Barra (Professor Cachaca - Sydney, Australia) -
Associacao Grupo Bahia (Mestre Cicatriz - Sydney Australia) -
Filhos Da Bahia (Mestre Val - Melbourne Australia & Contra Mestre Nei - Sydney Australia) -
Grupo Zambiacongo (Mestre Luizinho Barravento - Qld, Australia) -
Grupo Topazio (Professor Formiguinha - Sydney, Australia) -
Batukegê Capoeira (Instructor Vira Lata - Melbourne, Australia) -
Samba de Roda Capoeira Academy (Mestre Jorge Draga - Perth, Australia) -
Capoeira Mandinga (Mestre Marcelo Caveirinha - USA) -
Grupo Beribazu - (cool videos and multimedia files)
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Other Capoeira Sites

Dino's Travel Diary -

Ahhh... click here to read the travelling antics of the infamous Dino as he makes his way around Brasil for 6 months. Rio, Salvador, Rio Branco, São Paulo, Minas Gerais... ahh, the lucky man!

Have fun bro! (Soldado's site in Germany) -
Capoeiracre Multiply (Pizza's Capoeira site) - - - Great Message Board
CapoeiraArts - - Mestre Acordeon's awesome Capoeira Store with everything at unbelievable prices!
Shadowcat's Capoeira Site -
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Martial Arts & Tricks Sites

Martial Arts Tricks - - Greatest samplers! Period!!!!
Team Ryouko - - Forget the clubs... these guys have the best Friday nights around!!!
Chimp Flips - The legendary Chimp Capoeira movies available at Capoeira Mandinga Port Huron site -
Zero Gravity Stunt Team - - A martial arts stunt team based in the California Bay Area and Los Angeles. Check out their awesome movies and samplers! Lateef Crowder - OMG! Furthermore, Escovinha (Chimp/Larry) is a core member of the team... need we say more?
Le Parkour - the French "Urban Movement" style -
Style2ouf - Great breakdancing site and home of the lovely "Banda Grande" video clip -
Powertumblers! - An cool site with big mats and crazy flips! (Warning, it is in Danish, but that's no excuse not to check out the championship videos).


Mestre Olho de Peixe

Grupo Capoeiracre Australia - Professor Borracha