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Sunday 28 August 2005

With heaps of stuff happening with Capoeiracre at the moment I have a heap of new updates on the website! From pictures of the second Capoeiracre tournament in Acre, Brasil; to videos of several recent rodas in Sydney and great photos of floeiros/acrobatics taken at a beach on a sunny winters day.

Remi Bloston
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Remi Bloston – popraw cyrkulacje krwi

Enjoy! Maxwell.

Uploaded several a video clips from recent rodas in Sydney Australia - Click Here

Uploaded photos from the second Capoeiracre tournament in Acre, Brasil - Click Here

Uploaded heaps of new pictures from recent rodas in Sydney, Australia - Click Here

Uploaded awesome floreios pictures taken at a beach - Click Here

Uploaded photos from Grande and Chiclete's recent wedding - Click Here


Sunday 7 August 2005

Changes to Class Times:

Pyrmont Classes: Advanced and beginner classes have swapped. Advanced Class is now on 1-2pm Saturdays. Beginners are now 2-3pm. The open roda is still from 3-4pm.

Level: Beginners and Advanced
Location: Pyrmont Community Centre
Cnr John & Mount St
Pyrmont, NSW, 2009
Time: Adv. 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Beg. 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Roda 3:00 - 4:00pm
Teacher Teacher Borracha
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UNSW Classes: Class has now been moved to Thursdays in Dance Studio 2, 5-6pm.

Level: Beginners ($10 per head UNSW students)
Location: Dance Studio 2
University Of New South Wales (UNSW),
Kensington, NSW


5 - 6pm

Teacher: Teacher Borracha


Monday 27 June 2005

Instructor Soldado in Germany has created a fantastic global forum for Capoeiracre. Find it at

Professor Borracha also has a number of beginners courses starting soon!!! For details Click Here


Monday 25April 2005

Uploaded a video sampler of the floreios we did in the Sawdust in Rio Branco, Acre with Donga and Professor Geb. - Click Here


Thursday 8 April 2005

The brand new sampler that highlights the trip that Professor Borracha and 15 of his students took to Brazil in early 2005 is now available on This sampler takes us to the Amazon Jungle, Morro De São Paulo, Salvador, Rio Branco, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte (Capoeiracre rodas will be saved for another sampler)! - Click Here


Saturday 26 March 2005

Well we are all back from our amazing time spent in Brazil! I have described a bit of our experience elsewhere on the site (click here), but it is suffice to say that the time was unforgettable! Brandishing our new cordas, classes back in Sydney are as energetic as ever as we pass on the skills learnt during our time in Brazil. I have spent a big part of the last week editing photos and videos that are now available for everyone on this, our Capoeiracre Website. Enjoy! Maxwell.

Uploaded HEAPS of new pictures from our trip to Brazil - Click Here

Uploaded a video sampler of the Grupo Capoeiracre Foundation Batizado held in Rio Branco, Brazil in 2005 - Click Here

Uploaded new photos from three performances held in Sydney recently (thanks Ali for the photos) - Click Here

Uploaded a new page (in the Brazil section of the website) with photos of the Professors of Grupo Capoeiracre - Click Here


Wednesday 12 January 2005

Well this is it! I just received a phone call from Teacher Borracha and he has arrived in Brazil (sipping on a guarana drink already - hehehe). As for the rest of us... we are flying out in about 6 hours, and with a mere 32 hour flight (Brazil via Chicago!), we will be there in no time!

Needless to say I am excited! With 15 of us going over to Brazil for Grupo Capoeiracre's 1st International Batizado in Rio Branco, to visit our friends at Bantus Capoeira is Belo Horizonte, enjoy the splendour of Carnaval in Salvador, and countless other travelling adventures - it will be a memorable time!

So everyone please keep well, enjoy Sydney's beaches for me, keep training hard (see training schedule below), and see you upon our return.





Gana will be taking the classes listed below for our group while Teacher Borracha is away. These are the classes and times which will be on:

Beginners & Advanced:

Mondays Forestville Time 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Wednesdays Pyrmont Time 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Saturdays Pyrmont Time 1:00pm - 3:00pm

CLASSES FROM MARCH ONWARDS.... All our classes will recommence as per normal from the beginning of March.


Sunday 2 January 2005

Happy New Year!

Well no media updates for the moment, but instead some news about our impending trip to Brazil!

Teacher Borracha and 14 of his students will be attending the 1st International Batizado for Grupo Capoeiracre, to be held in Rio Branco, Brazil. The students include Sonhador, Roseiro, Fominha, Aranha, Piao, Pimentinha, Maxwell, Dino, Mano, Lobo, Pescador, Cristal, Natasha, and of course Soldado who will be flying out from Germany!

Teacher Borracha's will teach his last class on Saturday, 8th January before leaving, but Gana will be taking classes for the month Borracha will be away. Only Forestville (Monday) and Pyrmont (Wednesday and Saturday) classes will be on during this month.

It will be great to see all students continue to train hard at these three classes, ensuring that the energy and spirit of Grupo Capoeiracre will continue to grow both here in Australia and overseas.

2005 will be a great year!

Monday 29 November 2004

Created a new "news" page (this page) to allow

you to see what is new on the site.

Uploaded a video of Professor Borracha on the nation-wide TV show Sunrise - Click Here

Uploaded heaps of new pictures:

Bantus 2004 Batizado Pics - Click Here

Fiesta 2004 Performance Pics - Click Here

Random Social Pics - Click Here

Maxwell's Party Pics - Click Here



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